Monday, December 8, 2008

Samples Week- Fundraising

Fundraising forms:

Donor appeal and thank you letters, and grant applications will be different for each organization since they focus on the specific work of that particular organization, but here are some samples:

A few samples of good nonprofit websites and their donate page:

  • The United Way has a unique aspect to their donate page- a video. The video is appealing and draws you in. They also include a how-to for giving.
  • Achieve Minneapolis has a very attractive website overall with a very noticeable and easy to find donate option. Their donate page does a great job translating what a donor's gift does. They also include a "success story" at the bottom of the page that adds something special to the page.
  • The Seattle Humane Society has a good donation page. They have pictures to draw you in, and link to several things to make it easier for the donor to research the organization, or attend upcoming events. I always like when organizations include a "why donate" page, which this organization does well.

If there are any other samples related to fundraising that I didn't include, please leave a comment and I will add the sample.


Unny said...

It looks like the links are missing for the donor appeal letters.

Nonprofit SOS said...

Sorry about that! I wrote this post yesterday and copied and pasted it. When I did that it didn't keep the links. I will fix this right now. Thank you for letting me know!

Nonprofit SOS said...

Ok, it is fixed now and I added a few more.

Unny said...

Thanks! And thanks for your blog.