Monday, May 18, 2009

Down to the wire.

I have been lagging behind on posting lately and I am truly sorry for that. I actually have a few good posts lined up, I just haven't had time to write them out.

The reason I am behind is two-fold really, I have a large evaluation contract that I am working on right now for a Minneapolis nonprofit and I am getting married this Friday, 5/22. Oh, and we leave on Saturday for a 3 week honeymoon in Africa. So, life has been a little hectic lately.

I have a couple housekeeping things - as of Friday, my new name will be Kristen Cici (no longer Kristen Denzer) - old fashioned I know, but I don't want the hyphenated name - imagine if our kids married someone else with a hyphenated last name, their last name would be Denzer-Cici-etc-etc...four names long (yikes!). Also, while I am gone I will still be posting as much as I can (and when I have access to internet), but it may be in spurts, like several posts in one day and the no posts for a few days, but I do have a bunch of posts lined up for while I am gone, so make sure to check back soon!