Monday, February 23, 2009

What is a focus group?

The first part of today's MESI Pre-Session on Focus Groups by Richard Krueger answered the question, what is a focus group?

According to Richard Krueger (the expert on focus groups), there are four critical characteristics that make a focus group:

1. Participants
You will need 5 - 10 (ideally 5 - 8) participants, that have been carefully recruited so that they are similar types of people (have something in common).

2. Environment
The environment needs to be comfortable, and participants are seated in a circle. The session should be recorded to ensure that everything is captured.

3. Moderator
It is important for the moderator to be skillful in group discussions, and establishes a permissive environment. The moderator should use pre-determined questions.

4. Analysis and Reporting
This includes completing systematic analysis, using verifiable procedures, and reporting appropriately.

Later today I will post tips and highlights from today's session.