Sunday, July 12, 2009

Effective use of television in nonprofit marketing and fundraising

Should your meager advertising and marketing budget be spent on television? In nine out of ten cases I would say no. This past weekend I saw one of those rare times I would say yes. While watching a classic (Terminator 2) a commercial came on for the ASPCA. I’m sure many of you have seen the commercial, it has the sad music – “In the arms of an angel" by Sarah McLachan with pictures of dogs and cats with shocking statistics (every 10 seconds a dog or cat is abused or beaten – an issue that deserves its own post). It was a touching commercial - I remembered the statistics from watching it once.

The ASPCA did an amazing job bringing together all of the elements of a successful television commercial. They had an emotional pull, a soft appeal, saddening statistics, and a famous person to bring legitimacy and importance to the cause (I’m not saying you need famous people for television commercials). I just think they did it extremely well. After watching it, it made me want to donate.

I wanted to include the video from the commercial I saw, but I couldn't find it. But, here is another one of their commercials that is very similar.

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Brad Lips said...

Do you know where to find any info about typical response rates to this type of non-profit TV advertising? I mean, is it 1 in 1000 that calls in response to such ads, or 1 in 100,000? Not sure if there are guidelines to help calculate the feasibility of doing this kind of marketing. Any help appreciated.