Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why I like Alltop

For those that haven't heard of Alltop, it is "an “online magazine rack” of popular topics", they update the posts/stories every hour. While the website has every topic you can imagine, I spend most my time in the nonprofit section.

I thought I would take a minute to explain why I think Alltop is so useful, and why you should take a look. Before I knew what alltop was, I spent a lot of time googling nonprofit blogs and looking at other blogs blogrolls, basically searching for new posts and blogs. Then, I found Alltop. Alltop has a lot of nonprofit blogs, and shows those blogs most recent 3 posts. So, instead of having to go and open up dozens of blogs to see if they have a new post (or add them to my feed), all I have to do is check out Alltop. It is a great resource for nonprofit news.

Oh, and they added NonprofitSOS somewhat recently :)


Suzy said...

Do you use alltop in place of an RSS Reader?

Nonprofit SOS said...

Yes, I do.

Rachel Connors said...

Thanks for this tip! I am addicted to AllTop now!