Thursday, March 19, 2009

Are you on Twitter?

Someone just emailed me today and said "Can you believe back in November no one knew what Twitter was? Now even congress is tweeting."

That got me thinking. Even though in the past few months Twitter has grown, there are a lot of people out there that still don't know what Twitter is. I recently telling a friend of mine how great Twitter is, and she was like "What is Twitter?" She had no idea. So, I told her to go home and ask her husband (I assumed that since he was a Director of IT he must know about Twitter), alas, she came to me the next day and said he didn't know what it was either. That shocked me.

I think many people have recognized the value that social media brings into our personal and professional lives. So, if you know someone out there that isn't on Twitter, tell them to join! And please, be patient when they tell you they didn't get it. I was one of those people who didn't get it either just 5 short months ago.

Here are some of my favorite Twitter resources (feel free to post more in comments):

For beginners, there is the "Twitter: A Translation Guide" by The Fundraising Coach.

For beginners and experienced alike, see "14 Advanced Twitter Tips" at Ocean Grand.

Some great advice on how to use Twitter by Rosetta Thurman in her posts: "Remixing Twitter for Young Nonprofit Professionals", "Stop Trying to Be Two Different People", and "Top 10 Young Nonprofit Professionals on Twitter."

Check your Twitter growth here.

For Twitter facts, widgets, and news click here, here, and here.

And my personal favorite, Darren Rowse's (@ProBlogger) TwiTip Blog.

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frank said...

Thanks for sharin' the post. Twitter rocks, but i know for a fact that MOST people have no idea what it is or how to use it. I think 1% of my friends and family understand it :)

I shared a little bit about my 1st time on Twitter here

What was it like when you began?

Nonprofit SOS said...

Well, I first joined back in November, and then promptly didn't do anything for a couple months with my account. Then after Christmas, I spent a ton of time on Twitter figuring what the point was, what people talk about, etc. And now I think it is great!