Friday, March 6, 2009

8 tasks for board members who hate fundraising

Do you have board members that hate fundraising? Board members that refuse to ask anyone for money or tap into their networks? Well, here are 8 things they can do to help with fundraising:

  1. Sign thank you letters
  2. Include your organization in their estate plan
  3. Help with prospect research (review annual reports, look up addresses, etc)
  4. Make thank you calls to donors
  5. Research foundation/corporate funders
  6. Write an article for the annual report or newsletter
  7. Help with your events (set-up, take-down, staffing a table, etc)
  8. Volunteer to speak at programs/events about why they are involved with your organization

And if they just don't want to verbally ask anyone, then they could:

  • Provide you with their address book
  • Write ask letters for in-kind donations for events
  • Write personal notes for appeal letters
  • Send an e-mail ask to their friends

To see some examples of board commitment forms and board job descriptions:

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