Friday, September 26, 2008

Press Releases: When, What, How?

For those of you that are puzzled about press releases, this week's post includes some resources to make writing a press release a little easier.

If you have never written a press release before, this summarizes what all a press release should include, with a few tips on helping you get noticed. To get help you get started, here is a sample press release. Now that you know how to write them, here are a few more great tips for writing them effectively.

Now that you know how to write them, you can visit Kivi's Nonprofit Communications Blog, which has a great post that talks about timing of press releases. She discusses when you should send them out, depending on what type of coverage you are seeking (pre-event or post-event).

On an unrelated note, the Nonprofit SOS: Evaluation Series was featured on the TechSoup Blog. And if you haven't already, please take a minute to take this quick, two question survey.