Monday, September 8, 2008

Evaluation Series: Why should you care about evaluation?

What could evaluation possibly have to do with my job? That is a question human resource managers, development professionals, communications directors and other nonprofit staff often ask. The answer? A lot.

While most nonprofit organizations do not have the capacity to complete formal evaluations of their programs, nonprofit staff can and should incorporate evaluation best practices in their day-to-day work.

Pretty much every nonprofit worker has used some form of evaluation at one point in their career. Program Managers use pre and post-tests to measure program effectiveness, communications directors use focus groups to determine branding strategies, human resources uses performances appraisals for annual reviews, and almost everyone has used SurveyMonkey for one thing or another.

What is important is making sure that when you use evaluation, that you are following best practices. This week, I will provide tips on evaluation and highlight how evaluation fits with four different nonprofit professions:

Tuesday- Nonprofit Communications and Marketing

Wednesday- Human Resources

Thursday- Volunteer Management

Friday- Fundraising

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Evaluation is such a necessity in all aspects of effective nonprofit management. I look forward to yur series.